There are existing services that will keep you up to date on developments in college athletics, including administrative hires, coaching changes, facilities, sponsorships, fund-raising, compliance and more. There are also outlets that can keep you abreast of general trends in social media, technology, new media, marketing, advertising, sports sponsorships and facilities. Unfortunately, compiling or searching for all this information on a daily basis is extremely time-consuming and/or taxing to your inbox and sanity.


D1.ticker is designed for efficiency. It is also designed to provide a holistic view of stories that are vital to the knowledge base of all those who want to gain an advantage in college athletics. One with a curated selection of the most important fact-based developments. The goal is simplicity and speed, so that you don’t spend vital time during the work day searching out stories big and small – though I’m quite sure the big ones will still find you. Subscribe and enjoy your effective time savings without missing a beat.